Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rainbows, Floor Heat and Towel Bars

We had the most beautiful double rainbow last night.  I wished I could see
the end of it.  I think it went right in to Fenway Park.

Anyway, Webb brought up the fact that some people believe that the Blogger Reading
list is different than Google Reader.  I went to the real Google Reader site for the first time
and all of the blogs I follow were there.  So it's clear they're related but I just don't know if
they're the same thing.  All I can say is it's so easy to join Feedly and Bloglovin' and get your
reading list imported, so why risk it?  It's like the new millenium when all of our computers and 
the electrical grid were supposed to stop working.  We'll just have to wait and see.

In other exciting news, my bathroom radiant floor heating is installed.
I used the Laticrete product called "Floor Heat."  Isn't that name genius?

It comes in a lot of different sizes.  This 15-foot mat was about $150 not
including the little programmable thermostat that operates it.  My bathroom is just
over five feet from door to tub so the 15 feet gave me three five-foot courses that
pretty much covers the open area on the foor.  Does that make sense?

The mat is essentially an electric blanket and comes on a tacky mesh that (sort of) sticks to
the subfloor.  The store recommended using hot glue in a few places to really keep in place.

Even though the mat comes in a one-foot roll, you cut the mesh so you can flip the mat
and then turn it in the opposite direction.  In the photo above you can see where the mesh 
was cut in front of the door, the blue wire was straightened so the mat could turn around.

Still with me?

Once the mat is stuck in place, a layer of thin-set mortar was placed
over the top with a straight-edge trowel.  Once this is dry, it's ready for tile.

The tile is going in today.

The vanity table has been altered--shortened--to fit the space.

As you recall, I had the original top removed and cut down to make
a lower shelf for a basket of towels and to make it impossible to get 
the kitty tumbleweeds from underneath.

The shelf fit perfectly into the leg turnings but you can see it's also got pegs
that really lock it in to place.  The original edge is still on the front of the
shelf and Sam did a great job of finding a routing bit that matches the profile.
I just need to touch up the new edge with some matching paint.

The marble top is being fabricated from a remnant.

As I was thinking about some of the finishing touches I needed for
the bathroom, I was reminded of some glass towel bars I had stashed away
for a rainy day.  It guess today's the rainy day and it turned into a rainbow
because I think they're perfect for this vintage inspired bathroom.

I love when a post comes full circle.


  1. Wish I had seen the rainbow in person, saw tons of Facebook photos. So special to witness them. How exciting about the flooring - can't wait to see it. Love those towel bars. Perfect!

  2. I love the degree of detailed, loving thought you are putting into this room Steve - you might find yourself spending an unnatural amount of quality time in there, just enjoying it...

  3. What a beautiful rainbow! Love the towel bars, and can't wait to see the finished bathroom.

  4. $150 for toasty tootsies each and every winter morning? A bargain!

  5. That's a great idea. There's nothing like walking on warm tile first thing in the morning in the winter. It looks like the install is pretty straight forward.

  6. yeah,what raina said. what a deal. and your idea to move the shelf down was brilliant. love that piece.

    we kept an old glass towel bar in the ladies bathroom in my husband's "new" office (a building built in the '20s that was the original post office in our town). it's such a great look.

    love your progress. donna

  7. Hey, thanks for pushing bloglovin! I would have been quite disappointed when my favorite sites (yours included) disappeared. It was simple to do. By the way, love your road trips. :) Margie

  8. I'd love to see what else you have stashed. Those towel bars are great!

  9. Lovely rainbow. I am so jealous over your heated floors. Hubby backed out when it was time for ours and boy, is he sorry! (In more ways than one.)
    I adore those old glass towel bars too.

  10. Oh I just love everything! The towel bars are beautiful. I have always wanted radiant floor heating in a bathroom so thanks for showing me how it's done!

  11. I can't wait to see the finished loo! I am sure it's going to look amazing. (and as to that rainbow over fenway? maybe they need a little luck!)

  12. That's an amazing rainbow. We only had a single.

    Thanks for the info on the floor heat. It's what I plan to use if I ever get enough money saved for an upstairs bath.

  13. Love the vintage towel bars! I wanted to use them in our master bath, but couldn't find them long enough for two towels. I adore how the glass makes the turn at the bracket. Was happy to find the RH glass towel bars and had them cut to fit the vanity. Rainbow perfection!

  14. love the rainbow, the idea of warm floors, the towel bars and the circle.

  15. Awesome rainbow! Catching up on Downton Abbey last night...Granny (Maggie Smith) said in her disdainful way "that's the thing about nature, there's so much of it." Laughed out loud. She is the best part of the show :)

    Loving your glass towel bars so much and I seriously need that heated floor!

  16. Those towel rods are killer! Love finding something perfect stashed away! And by the looks of my FB page, that Boston area rainbow was amazing indeed!

  17. Oh dear god those towel bars are perfection! Good lord, man, is there no end to your stashed treasures? Cannot wait to see the finished bathroom!

  18. We are working on our bathroom renos in tandem. My marble counter and sink were installed today, after a prolonged nightmare finding a fix to the wrong dimensions on the RH glass-leg washstand. Now all that is left is the plumber to hook up the sink. Oh joy. I love your vintage glass towel rods and your warm floor, although I am happy to have no need for the floor heat here in SW Florida. Thanks for the tip on bloglovin. It worked perfectly for me since I prefer to have blogs posted to my email. One stop shopping.

  19. I tried to comment this morning but i hadn't enough espresso in me to make any sense.

    I was just drooling over your upcoming bathroom.

    I'll try to contain myself in the future.

    xo Jane

  20. I have those exact glass towel bars in my bathroom as well. Nice that they came with the house.


  21. Can't think of anything nicer that a warm floor in the bathroom. What a great idea. (And, i'm in Virginia, not Massachusetts!) And, I think that's a very reasonable price, too.

    You really hit the Reader issue on the head: "why risk it?" why indeed. Tonight. Tonight i will sign up for Bloglovin and Feedly. Repeat three times: you can teach an old dog new tricks. You can teach .....

  22. Ok, so i signed up for both Bloglovin and Feedly and i think you are correct that Google Reader and Blogger Reader are the same, since both of these applications asked permission to upload my Google Reader (which I didn't know i had) and i got everything. It was very easy for this old dog.

    Thanks for making me come to the edge and jump off!

  23. I dream of radiant floor heating--the tiles are so cold!
    Your vanity will be stunning.

  24. Hi Steve, behind on my blog readin'.

    Love your glass towel bar. LOVE. Need to reno my bathroom to get me one of those.

    Leaving for the east coast on Saturday. Hope I get time to post before I go.

    Swamped at work. Ugh.

    No decorating going on here. I am planning our wedding instead. Yes, you read that right. Darling hubby and I have been living in sin and will remedy it on June 21 next year. Finally set a date and found a venue. Do you know any way to lose 20 lbs and still eat a lot of chocolate?

    xo Terri

  25. What a lovely rainbow! You are going to love that radiant heat!

    Mentioned you in my post today. Thanks again. We loved Woodmans...felt like a local. :)

    Now back in Newport Beach...it was a fun trip.

  26. You segue brilliantly! franki

  27. beatiful rainbow STeve! and I have those same glass towel bars. Love your radiant heat pics..I wish I had done that in our master...good for you! Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  28. Those towel bars are marvelous!

  29. ooooo i had heated floors in my bathroom in london and i LOVED them. so nice...especially when it was cold and rainy and also in the middle of the night. i wish i had them here.

    and i adore those towel bars!

  30. i had no idea heated floors were so simple. off to find my husband!

  31. Oh, won't your little tootsie feel comfortable on a cold January morning! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    I think that rainbow needs to be directed to the Garden for the Bruins! LOL!!!

  32. Steve...Steve...I got a few towel bars like that at Scott's a couple of months ago....of course I have not hung them.....I just need some motivation!