Friday, April 5, 2013

Bathroom Fixtures

After buying the Swedish console table for my bathroom vanity,
I headed to the kitchen and bath showroom to select some fixtures.

We have quite a few options locally for kitchen and bathroom fixtures but
after visiting a few, I chose Waterspot in Natick.  I'm not being compensated
by them in way but I really liked them and I'm happy to share that experience.
I had made a reconnaissance mission a few weeks before and I really liked
the products they had in the showroom and the staff seemed really friendly.

On my second visit, I went in and asked to speak to their bathroom goddess.
It's fun to play around with people sometimes just to see how they react.
The young woman at the front desk went over and whispered to a group
of salespeople/designers and one of them said "Oh, that would be me!"

Mary Ann was my bathroom goddess.

I went in with my Pinterest photos which I'm finding is a really
helpful to communicate your vision to other people.  It's so much easier to say,
"I'll doing a vanity table like this but I want a square basin sink..."

Maryann got my vision and was excited about it.

Okay, can we talk toilets for a minute?  This is the toilet in my ca. 1940
bathroom upstairs.  The tank, or cistern, is hung on the wall
and is separate from the bowl.  I've always loved the look of it but I swear
it takes about 17 gallons of water to fill it.  It's huge!

So when I found this photo on local designer Julieann Covino's blog CreateGirl,
it was toilet love at first sight.  I found them in the Perrin & Rowe catalog
as well as on the webistes of some other English companies.

I took this photo to Maryann and she loved it too.  She got my vision!

The problem is this particular model isn't imported into the States.  

Okay, I thought, I'll have it shipped myself.

But it's not code approved for use in Massachusetts.

We both cried for a minute.  And then regrouped.

Here are the choices I made.

Yes, the sink is modern but I think the rounded edges soften it.

Some of you had concerns or problems with basin sinks, first, that they would be
dated in a few years and, two, functionality in terms of splashing, toothpaste sticking to
the bottom and/or water running down your arms when you wash your face.
My goal is to please you all and these were all things I considered as well
but I chose this sink for a reason I didn't discuss.

When I renovate my kitchen, the second bathroom will be taken out of commission to
restructure plumbing that passes through the kitchen.  So during that the time I have no
kitchen, I'll be grilling all of my meals outside and washing whatever dishes I have in this sink.
So I wanted a nice big sink for my red Solo cups.

The Horus faucet was a splurge.  But I thought it was oh so sexy.

I also thought the "knuckles" on the faucet and the cross handles... 

...paired nicely with the legs of the vanity table.

Even though I couldn't have my dream toilet, the Porcher Lutezia
has a detail that I think makes it work perfectly.  Can you see what it is?
Now on to tile.  This is fun!


  1. Love your selections! that sink basin is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Fun, indeed! The choices you've made are terrific, Steve. I love old-timey cross handles. The faucet is sexy and the sconces are too! It looks like the toilet has squared-off corners on the base ... is that it?

  3. I laughed out loud at the thought of you marching into the store and asking for the "bathroom goddess". I love your choices and it must have been a ton of fun to have a goddess who could envision your dream loo. ;)

  4. One fixture that I would insist on is a wall mount toilet ... no more moisture issues at the floor level, a floor underneath that one can mop clean and keep dust free ... worth the extra effort of behind the wall plumbing and reinforcement ... just sayin' ...

  5. Your choices are excellent-so glad you keep your "fans" in mind as you choose your upgrades to your home, LOL

    We have a two sets of those cross handles-the 1948 new-back-then-style. Chrome( shower and tub). I like your updated vintagy look-the knuckles are great.

    Tile, however is the MOST fun! I learned how to tile in my TX house.
    I am loving marble herringbone on Pinterest these days, but my all time fave is mother of pearl glass tiles. Or recycled sea glass in pale, pale aqua.

    Can't wait to see what you pick :)
    Do the kitties like your new choices?

  6. What a fun process. I wish there wer stores like that in my area. It going to look so custom! Can't wait to see more...great post Steve.

  7. crazy about the sconces and the vanity legs. yes, this is gonna be terrific! donna

  8. Wow.
    I'm totally envious. :)
    I bet the Goddess was thrilled to deal with someone with such a clear vision.
    I love everything.
    Great pick on the basin, you could wash a dog in that!
    I'm holding my breath to see what tile you pick.
    I know it will be fabulous.

  9. Goddess! What a scream. Kudos to you for making the day of a stranger. Im sure you now call her friend. Love all the choices especially the faucet. No joke I put those sconces in a bathroom design today. I adore them. Can't wait to see you do tile :)

  10. Well I just said WOW out loud. Could you hear me?

    I love it all.

    I'm often found crushing on faucets and handles.look.

    Yours are worth a whistle and a second look. Even a third.

    Jeeze Louise.

    xo jane

  11. I love everything. Especially those cross handles. They have a bit of a look of a ship's wheel. I love the idea of a big basin sink. And a goddess.

  12. Cool and unexpected pieces together! Love it!! Can't wait to see it all come together.

  13. I love the choices you've made and I think a vessel sink when mixed with traditional items looks great. I don't think you'll regret it. Love the faucet and the toilet too. I have a thing for old toilets and I can see why you don't really want to get rid of your old toilet but the new one mimics it's lines. I need two new toilets for my house...I just hate the ones they chose...they are one piece and modular looking. Hate them. I'm loving seeing your bathroom come together.

  14. Wow - what impressive efficiency! I think the toilet you chose is as good a replacement for the original as you are going to find. I am also a bit out to lunch on the basin sinks - so I will be very interested to hear what you think of it! Love the faucet too - your vision is so clear.

  15. Good work, I love it all, especially the sconces. I want them for my master bath.

  16. are treating yo self huh!!! That bathroom gonna make me squirm in a giggly kind of way :) Party on Steve with those sweet fixtures and sink.

  17. I love everything about your new fixtures, toilet and sink. My favorite has to be the faucet. I have always wanted one attached to the wall. Good work Steve!

  18. They all look wonderful that the cold and hot are in of the details that always makes your projects so special. I also can't wait to see your tile selections and the other elements that will put this bath over the top :)

  19. oh that inspiration image resonates with me in a big way!

  20. You are too funny. Just love your choices. We also picked the Porchere commodes and pedestal sinks for the beach house and can't wait for them to get finished. Obsessed with the faucet...totally worth the splurge. Can's wait to see!

  21. Long time lurker-love your site and humor! FYI, placing bricks in your toilet tank reduces the water used.

  22. ALL fab choices...and my name is Mary Ann, too!

  23. Oh it IS fun! You have such great taste, like I do.

  24. Great choices, especially the faucet. I chose Porcher pedestal sinks for my master because they look more period -- rounded edges -- than the other models. So much fun getting to live vicariously through your project now that mine is over -- for now that is.

  25. Am in love with all of your choices--your bathroom is going to be stunning!! The faucet and basin are gorgeous.

  26. Besides your obvious excellent choices in bathroom fixtures, you know what I really like? The stencil on the bathroom door . . . only I'd put "restroom" or is it too tacky? LOL!!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  27. The new Porcher WC seems to have the same base with clipped corners that your old upstairs toilet has. Is that the detail that made it work for you? So sad about that English WC though. It is gorgeous, but probably uses more water than our codes allow. I love all your other choices.

  28. Hey Steve, all lovely choices and a very whimsical post, which I always love. I read this in the dentist's chair today but didn't have time to finish my comment. I LOVE the sconces (I have a major Thomas O'B crush). I also love the WC and the modern sink. My parents had those knobs and they are the only part I am not feeling. Haha. It is because they seemed too hard to turn. I hate typing on this stupid iPhone so will leave it at that. It will all look impeccable and I can totally see you there doing your dishes with Zazu helping.
    Well done!! And sounds like such fun!!!!

    Xo Terri

  29. Loving that Swedish console. And the tiles. And light fixtures. And the sink. And that bathtub-wow! When you finish can you just come over to my place and recreate it?! Amazing...

  30. You put so much thought into what you're doing Steve and I love your choices. I personally love the sink you choose and every room needs a touch of modern and antique. I can't wait to see the renovation!


  31. I think it's going to be beautiful, Steve. I think the idea of showing pins as a way to communicate your ideas is such a good one!


  32. Beautiful! It's going to look gorgeous. Can't wait for the tiles, I adore tiles!!!

  33. I think you made a great choice....cant wait to see it when your done!

  34. Hi, Steve - I finally figured out the reason for the squared-off toilet base - it will work perfectly with diagonally cut tiles!! Is that it? On to tiling indeed!

  35. Nice job, Steve! I love the "bathroom goddess". You know how to get someone's attention. Great selections here. Can't wait to see it all put together!

  36. I love all of your selections! Perfect in every way!

  37. I love your sink. In fact I have huge sink envy. Are the nipped off edges on the toilet base something to do with tiles you might like to use? You have such impeccable taste Steve. You make me cringe at the thought of my dodgy tap ware and eternal temporary bathroom solutions. Love it all, as usual.

  38. The goddess is in the details!! :) franki

  39. I put in a square sink because I liked the look and as you suggest it is good for washing dishes until the new kitchen sink becomes available. I washed a lot of dishes in it. I used a wall mount faucet with square handles. I don't like it. The faucet comes out too far into the sink and the square handles hurt my hand to turn them.

    I go to the box store for my toilets. I like the price, $200 and the "comfort" height, and the flush with 1.5 gallons. I've been using these toilets now for about 5 years. They do the job, they save a whole lot of water, and they are easy to install and repair.

    My vanity is custom built and surfaced with flagstone. My idea and not a good one. Too rough and too hard to clean. May just chuck it out. I think you are on the right track, nice ideas and nice look. Ann

  40. You don't have to give up on the vintage-look toilet. Check out the "Lydia" at DEA Bathroom Machineries. Those guys have designed a modern 1.6 gallon flush toilet that looks EXACTLY like the 1915 original in my seldom-used third floor bathroom. I intend to use Lydia when I remodel the second floor bathroom. I'm not sure it is the right aesthetic for your project since you aren't doing a restoration or a reproduction room. I think the toilet you chose is the perfect balance between the modern and retro elements of the room.

    1. Oh, yeag! That's a REALLY great lead. Thank you!

  41. Really loving all of your selections. It's going to be GORGEOUS! I'm drooling over the faucet, too! Yes, please.

  42. Such a delight to read...You have the best taste. Your bathroom is going to be gorgeous.
    -Suzanne in Illinois

  43. Cant wait to see it all come your choices!

  44. I think every faucet in my house leaks. Your faucet is stunning and hip. Yet no bidet, the statue image of you is so disappointed. I'm sure you told him there just wasn't space.

  45. Love your choices! Bummer about the toilet...I've never seen those, super cool!

  46. Wow, this is going to be gorgeous!

  47. Wow you made some great selections...and I agree that faucet is worth every penny...can't wait to see the finished product!

  48. WOW I like the new Bathroom Faucets, and I also love your bathroom!