Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Safe, Sound and Sad

Thank you all for your e-mails expressing concern
for me and my fellow Bostonians.  I was safe at home
watching the events unfold as many of you did.

What happened is terrible, the details horrifying, and
although we're all sad, we are resilient.
People say Bostonians aren't friendly but when we're
challenged, we pull together and help each other.

Events like this make us wonder what's wrong with
mankind.  After receiving scores of e-mails from around
the world checking on my well-being, offering prayers
for the city of Boston, I have faith
that there are many still on the right track.

Thank you.


  1. Very sad. Very glad to hear you are fine.

  2. Needless acts off violence I will never understand. Innocent people died Monday who were only out to celebrate somebody's hard work and accomplishment. I'm thrilled you're fine Steve and we will go on stronger then before.


  3. I think people in general try to be good, but when there are bad things that happen we have to look around and see all the good that people are doing in the midst of it all...still sucks though...

  4. Very sad and difficult to comprehend the "why" of this horrific. I am relieved to know you are safe. I thought of you the first instant I heard the news, . . . not that I really know you . . . yet, I feel I do because of the many beautiful Boston landmark mentions you have given us. This horrible act seemed to enter yet another layer of senseless . . . and even so . . . the spirit of resilience carries on . . .

  5. SO glad to hear you're safe and sound. I try not to question the horrific decision of someone to turn the city of Boston upside down. What I do think about is the outpouring of help from volunteers, to the runners that finished the race and ran to the hospital, to the wonderful emergency service workers who have been working around the clock. That's what this story is about. Humankind coming together during a time of tragedy. There are no republicans, no democrats, no rich, no poor...just people.

  6. The marathon will never be the same. It does make me proud to see how selfless the first responders were and really anyone who was near enough to help. It's what Americans do, help each.

  7. Steve,
    Thinking of you in Boston as we watch it unfold from France watching CNN. So terribly sad.

  8. I'm thankful you're safe. My thoughts are with you and your fellow Bostonians.

  9. So glad to hear from you Steve and glad to hear that you are safe and sound. I just finished tearfully watching the acts of heroism that were displayed yesterday in the face of so much evil. (I feel like I have done that so much lately--Why do we keep having these horrific events that offer such opportunities?) But that is what keeps me from being completely hopeless, that something so unimaginably dark is met with a hundred-fold acts of bravery, goodness and humanity.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your city.


  10. Soglad you are ok. On my only trip to Bosto!n, l found leople to bevery helpful, warm and friendly. Would go back ina heartbeat. Will be thinking of you and all your brothers and sisters, and all the families.

  11. Wow...so glad you were not there and hurt...it hurts bad enough to watch it unfold in front of us. We love our country don't we?

  12. Was thinking of you...hoping all was well. So very sad :(

  13. This is a crazy new world we live in, but we must always look to the brave and the helpers and the heros and findthe light in the darkest of times. It is our new reality, so we need to remain focused on good. At least, that's what I tell myself. Ever so glad you were at home. X

  14. It is very good to hear from you. I have thought of you throughout the news coverage. I am not one who thinks Bostonians are unfriendly. I find most quite helpful. Of course, they seem to be trying to figure out my southern accent. Again...holding all of Boston and those affected by this terrible event in my thoughts and prayers. Bonnie

  15. I was so happy and relieved to hear that you were safe.
    Lately I feel like drawing the curtains and hiding,
    but then they would have won.
    Yes, we must believe that good people outnumber the bad and that we will rise above whatever happens.
    Still it breaks my heart to see the faces of the innocents who died or were injured. I'm holding my loved ones close and I have Boston in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. it is indeed terribly sad and inconceivable. my favorite american city displayed a sense of honor and heroism to the world. not friendly? not true!
    so happy to hear you are safe steve.

  17. It's surreal. Good and evil acts on the same day. 4 people from my hometown were seriously injured. Trying to focus on all the heroes of the day.

  18. I'm glad you are safe...the people of Boston are resilient and strong. It's all so sad.

  19. I just find this all very, very sad and senseless. What a shame that 3 beautiful lives were lost and so many others are suffering. Awful.

    Glad you are safe and well. xo Terri

  20. I have lived thru the confusing aftermath of such a horrific event and know firsthand the heartache and fear that linger in a city and it's people.

    May the love being sent from around the world help you and other Bostonians to heal soon.

    xo Jane

  21. So much hatred in the world, and yet, so much love. It is impossible to reconcile the two. I am so sad for the families who lost so much.

  22. Good will always triumph over evil. That's what we have to believe, especially at times like this. Boston strong.

    And, to those who ask 'why?' I say : there IS no why. None that could possibly be acceptable or comforting to decent human beings, at least. It's an insult to imply that there's some rational motive involved here. Let's concentrate on the WHO and bring this person or persons to some sort of justice.

  23. So pleased to hear that you stayed home and are safe, Steve. It takes a twisted mind to plan carnage on an event that should only be about pleasure, achievement and good deeds.

  24. Steve I am just back home after being away for a week and unplugged. I came straight here to check on you. So glad you were home watching the events in safety. I keep remembering what Mr. Rogers always said..."Look for the helpers". That renews our faith in mankind. xo