Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kennebunk, Maine

The drive from "downtown" Kennebunk down Summer Street (Routes 35 and 9A) over to Old House Parts has some of the most fantastic old houses around.  I've never found a good place to pull over and gawk so I thought I'd park in town and set out on foot with camera.

 Just on the short walk from my parking place around the corner to Summer Street, I've seen three houses from the late 1700s.  This 1796 Colonial has a loooong ell off the back that connects the house to a barn/garage.  It's also for sale.

Almost next door is another house being spruced up for sale.

I love painted brick and the decorative work on this place is stunning.

The side porch.

If you'd like to see interior photos, here's the actual listing.


There isn't a single blade of grass out of place, a flake of paint, a dead flower. 

I'm sure every day is sunny and perfect here.

Love all the pilasters across the front.  I love an all white house but I think I'd paint the body of the house a color that accentuated all the pilasters and beautiful moldings.

Just a few quoins.

I'm a sucker for any house with a cupola.

Another one that's pristine.

Every last piece looks brand-new.  Also for sale.

Many of these go on forever with long ells between the house and barns.  I'm pretty sure the trash cans are some kind of violation.

I would expect that these homes are some the loviest in town.  I'd really love to explore a little more to see for myself.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!


  1. Gorgeous! I haven't been to Kennebunk in years, thanks for the visit Steve!
    Happy Fourth to you too,

  2. Yet another great tour. Thanks! I always enjoy your day trips.
    I was surprised at the price of the big white house--would have expected double or triple. That grand Greek Revival points out how well that style works for both big imposing buildings and charming, approachable, friendly ones like your own cottage.

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time for these photos. They are wonderful and I love love Kennebunk...a perfect summer town!

  4. It really is such a beautiful road isn't it? I always have Dan drive really slooooow! And, thanks so much for all the real estate links... everytime we drive this street I think to myself that I need to remember to look up these for-sale houses when I get home, and then I forget until the next time we drive by!!

  5. OMG is right. Can you ever imagine living in that gorgeous house. In Kennebunk to boot. I love the photo of the porch from the side. Perfect!

  6. Oh Gawd! I love these, even though they are not "Modern".
    I think I will buy that first one with the POOL. (I'm dying in this heat!) and that "barn" is just about my speed.
    I just took a day-trip too...don't know if you read my post but the listing I looked at doesn't quite compare with yours!
    Hope you have a HAPPY 4th!

  7. Oh my gosh!! Of course I had to look at the listing photos, lol....as if!!! Gorgeous!

  8. OMG, indeed!!! I want one of those. But smaller....just a tiny cottage is fine.....in that neighborhood would be dreamy :-) We are thinking of visiting the area in August (along with all the other tourists). Thanks for the neighborhood tour! Happy 4th!

  9. Steve beautifully inspiring homes. I love the deep blue with white trim, stunning!

    Art by Karena

  10. I dearly love to look at houses and landscaping--anywhere!

    My father had a very strong opinion about painted brick: There's a place in hell for people who paint brick!

  11. My absolute fave is the one with
    "just a few quoins." Is it black? Charcoal? Deep navy blue?

    Although I think it needs landscaping/garden, it's still stunning.

    The contrast of the dark body color with the light trim is dramatic and interesting-suites me to a tee :)

    Happy Fourth!

  12. Thank you for the lovely tour. I visited this area many years ago but never had the opportunity to drive around like I wanted too. I so enjoyed seeing the pictures.

  13. GOOD GRIEF! The style! The money! The maintenance! (I just love your blog, Steve.)

  14. So beautiful. Love the ones with pillars.

  15. The houses are certainly gorgeous. Is the ell from house to barn for sissies like me who can't take the cold?
    Happy 4th!

  16. Thank you for the tour through such a beautiful neighborhood! I can't get over how beautiful these old homes are! You can feel the history! Happy Fourth to you!


  17. Terri,
    "A place in hell..." really cracked me up!

    It's dark navy. The lack of landscaping isn't unusual. I've always assumed it's because snow falling off the roof would crush almost anything but anyone who knows otherwise can correct me. I think it's a classic Yankee look.

    Hi, Rosemary! Thank you!

    It's an area I think you should check out. Not all the houses are so big or expensive. It's nice and close to the ocean, Portland, Portsmouth, Boston. Just not sure about jobs though.

  18. gorgeous - would love to visit ME in person. we always drove through ME on the way to NH (to visit family) from Canada when i was a kid and of course, i adored all the large old houses. i recall many flew the flag proudly also (most canadians didn't have a flag out front) and was quite touched by that.

    i like the one you shared the listing for. only $1.2 million. in calgary you would be lucky to get a nice character home for that in one of the few character neighborhoods - more like some builder's oversized monstrosity with no identifiable style spilling out over its too small lot with another house 5 feet away.

    i am sooooo envious of these beautiful towns where you can get a lovely house like this.

    so glad you got a nice tour. i always learn something new from you!

    xo terri

  19. Can you imagine how much it must cost to keep those lovely houses painted??? (The practical side) Who cares!!! (The emotional side...) I keep seeing little treads of Victorian overlaid on top of beautiful Georgian/Federal styles. Beautifully done, too!

    May absolute fav is the Greek Revival with second floor porches at each end. (The original owner must have been a ship captain who made calls in Charlotte and Savannah.)

    It's funny how the trash barrels look so out of place n the last shot. "Out of place" isn't quite the right combination of words. But they're kind of like the telephone pole and wires. In another era, we'd be have seen a horse and carriage - maybe a 20/30's vintage car.

    Have a wonderful Holiday!

    Cheers from Salem,

    Great short tour, Steve.

  20. Oh I will take the blue one! Happy 4th to you as well. Bonnie

  21. I hate to say it but I think the east coast does "all American patriotic" better than the west coast - I think in part due to that amazing architecture! Those houses are so grand and beautiful - my fave is the white colonial. Lucky you to have such great eye candy! Happy 4th Steve!

  22. I love K'bunk, the homes are just stunning! Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

  23. Nice to know that even rich people have trash.

  24. The homes are gorgeous but I want to know what you got at Old House Parts.

  25. "Quions"- learn something new everyday!

    Great tour! Thanks for sharing the love of gawking with all of us fellow gawkers.

    Happy 4th!
    Karla in CA.

  26. Now THAT's some Greek Revival!!! Wonder how old it is?

    And that first house looks ANCIENT! How old is that one?

  27. Steve, are you road trip pin? I, too love all the long ells, and agree that trash cant should not be allowed.
    I am going to Kennebunkeport for August and need some good haunts.

  28. I don't often say OMG, but OMG!!! These homes are spectacular. I haven't been in Kennebuck since 1970, so I appreciate the tour. Have a lovely holiday.

  29. Stunning architecture! I have always wanted to visit Maine and plan to make a trip some day. Thanks for the tour!

  30. That made me homesick! I love Kennebunk and that drive is one of my favorites. I always wonder what it was like to live in those houses "back in the day."

  31. Be still my heart on the painted brick. True love for me, though I too got a kick out of the "special place for those..." All of these homes are spectacular, especially the one with the detailed porch -- I love those angles you took. Happy fourth my friend!!

  32. AMazing homes! Thanks for taking photos. I love love love painted brick too and in my book you really can't beat a white house.

  33. These are some truly stunning homes Steve. I'm with you the third home is stunning. My husbands Aunt lives in Kennebunk and I'm thinking it's time to go up for a visit come fall after all the tourists leave.

    I love traveling along with you we're always in for a gtreat. Enjoy your Fourth!


  34. Gorgeous homes . . . and all for sale . . . would be a dream to live in one of them. Visually American! My favorite . . . the rambling, majestic white.

  35. I wonder if you have to sign a pledge with neighbors to keep your house loo king that good?

    What a lovely tour.

  36. I understand your "cupola" comment...we have a cupola on the cabin, barn, gazebo and now the boathouse. Each of them is topped with a blue ball lightning rod. I :) everytime I see them. franki

  37. That road is wonderful and the homes are so gorgeous! And you're right, you can't pull off safely to take photos.

    Looks like a nice daytrip.

  38. Gorgeous. Such stately, beautiful homes. And they're huge!

    It's been many, many years since the first and only time I visited Kennebunk, so thank you for these wonderful photos!


  39. Hi, Steve,

    I'd paint the house with pilasters a two-tone dark cream and white so that the pilasters could be picked out, without distracting from its whole. But the OMG! house is the one I'd want to live in!

  40. Gorgeous photos. I never really looked at painted brick that closely before. It is very charming

  41. Awwwww kennebunkport. It is so durn crowded, at least in the summer.

    Gorgeous homes though.

    I dare say....I like the garbage can "code violation" best. Real peeps live there!

  42. Thanks for the virtual tour. I can now say I've gotten out this summer. Love old New England houses. God bless them one and all.

  43. That OMG house is a serious OMG house for me also. I do love a white house with black...and the green grass looks like it was painted it is so perfect. When I see huge homes in Atlanta I always wonder "WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE DO ANYWAY"...I mean really?

  44. Gorgeous homes and landscaping! Totally puts us to shame although in Berkeley you can get away with letting your yard go more towards a "natural state"(ie weeds!). Still, these perfectly maintained yards are inspiring...


  45. Gorgeous post, incredible to see such devotion to the home and garden to keep it looking pristine.


  46. I've never been to Maine, but now I want to!

    Why did I assume the house were all little cottages.

    Beautiful homes. Must hate to have to sell.

    xo jane