Sunday, July 15, 2012

Darby Road, Waltham

Darby Road.  It's a not a road; it's a store. 

I wouldn't normally do a post on a place that was recently blogged about by designer Katie Rosenfeld but I'm pretty sure our audiences are different and I SO love this store in Waltham, Massachusetts, I wanted to share it.  

Let me just show you a little bit of their selection.

The main store has a wonderful selection of antiques...

...and new furniture beautifully reproduced to look antique....

...Persian rugs...

...unique one-of-a-kind items...

...and decorative accessories.  

I must have startled this wood.  It was petrified.

Need a 7-foot pond yacht?  Yup, they've got it.

How about this amazing circa 1880 faux bamboo English chest?

Detail of trompe l'oeil bamboo.  All I can say is je t'aime!

This would make a great DIY project for an old dresser.

A custom zinc "farm" table with great base made of old wood.

Reproduction sawbuck table.

Mid-Century French end table.

Great vintage brass lamp.

They also have a nice selection of antique Chinese furniture and pottery.

More pottery.  I love the pair in back with the Greek key design.

The owner, Jon, also has a great eye for art.  I'm really intrigued by this piece which I thought had a real Rockport or Gloucester feel and looks quite skillfully executed.  It reminds me of Edward Hopper's paintings of Gloucester.  I took this home for $150 and I'm looking forward to researching the artist.

But wait, let's go check out their warehouse around the corner.

The warehouse is stuffed to the gills with more furniture, lamps, rugs and accessories.  

This Louis Phillipe chest with marble top is really handsome.

Lots of very Darryl Carter-looking pieces. 

Love this.

A few Swedish Gustavian chests.  I've always wanted one of these.

Someone PLEASE go buy this antique Danish chest!  It's so unique.

Detail of painted surface and brasses.

How about an antique French bibliotheque?

Detail of painted chest in warehouse.

I've long felt that Boston antique stores were missing good furniture.  Now I know where it all is.  There's some great inspiration here and I'm ready to start with a new plan for the bedroom.

Darby Road is open seven days a week; the outlet is open Saturdays and by appointment.  Tell them I sent you!

1395 Main Street
Waltham, MA 02451


  1. Would love to visit Darby's . . . Doubt if my budget would allow many purchases . . . I saw many, "I want" on the tour. Really liked your purchase . . .

  2. I'll be going soon. I love the French bibliotheque chest and the Danish chest. Anything blue or green!

  3. WOW....I'll take that first dresser, the butterfly watercolor and the large butterfly print in the shot with the huge clock. Thank you Santa :)

  4. So much great stuff! The painting was a score.
    I giggled. I am a sucker for a corny joke...petrified...haha.

  5. Thanks for the great tour,
    I saw the ad in the Globe. Jon has had a series of antique businesses over the years, he has a great eye. Really enjoyed your post.

  6. Some very unique pieces indeed! I love the old clock face, I know my husband would too!

    Baaaaad "petrified wood joke" . . . LOL!!!

  7. wow. had to look twice at the gray faux painted bamboo chest. looked like real bamboo to me at first. I need to do that. thanks for the treat. donna

  8. Drool city! I can't tell you how many of those pieces I'd love to take home, particularly that grey painted faux bamboo dresser! But I am looking hard for a tall narrow dresser - any chance you remember seeing one of those Steve?

  9. I would need 100 houses to get all the pieces of furniture I like.... and thousand of €, so I enjoy your posts and dream.

  10. Steve a treasure trove! There are several pieces I would love to have! The mirrored Chinoiserrie Armoir. That Black/ blue/ gold clock; adore! The first chest, incredible detail.

    I have a Special New Giveaway on my site

    Art by Karena

  11. So many wonderful things to look at. I saw several pieces I would love. I actually gave R. a yacht very similar to one shown. We have had a bit of a time finding the perfect place for it to rest. It is very large (although I don't think 7'). Thanks for the tour

  12. Thanks for sharing this visually exciting store, Steve. As a graphic designer, I am impressed by how convincing that trompe l'oeil bamboo is while still incredibly simple and 2-dimensional.

  13. Oh my, such a fabulous store and so many gorgeous things. I would love it I am sure. Thanks for the tour and all the eye candy. Hugs, Marty

  14. Har to the petrified wood joke. What an amazing place! You have all the good stuff. Nobody sells things like that in my little backwater. sigh.

  15. There is a reason I never visit antique stores: one bedroom apartment! They only hold so much...

  16. Gorgeous stuff. They also have great stuff for a beach house!

  17. Steve! A pair of almost anything is worth grabbing! Did you buy the green vases?

  18. The piece that you love? I love it too. I could never find anything like that here. I also really like the tall boy in the first pic. I've just sent off a 200 year old Regency chair for reupholstery , can't wait to get it back, there is nothing better than old made new, there is too much crappy consumerism in the world.

  19. Regarding the painting you purchased: How do you know if you need to reframe it? What are your plans for the frame?

    I sometimes see paintings that I'd like to buy but never know what to do about the frame so I walk away from them. Please educate us, Steve.

    Karla in CA

  20. Karla,
    That's a good question but would like to clarify. You "never know what to do about the frame" meaning you don't know whether or not to leave the original frame or you're not sure how to pick a suitable frame for the painting?

  21. Cyndia MontgomeryJuly 15, 2012 at 4:31 PM

    Wow! Great shop! I don't know when I'll ever get up that way (I live in northern Alabama) but if I do my bank account could be in real trouble! We have a real lack of good furniture here as well. Many people here do love the brand spanking new, without much appreciation for good craftsmanship and age.
    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty.

  22. Great find, Steve! I love that English faux bamboo painted perfect for my imaginary country house in Maine. As is the French faux bamboo armoire. Yummy, mellow patina :)

  23. You're not supposed to make me want more.

    I thought we were going for less?

    Any of the chests would do nicely. How are the prices?

    xo Jane

  24. Yeah, I can visualize that painting in your home.
    Very nice and totally you.
    All the furniture is lovely, though nothing screamed out to me.
    I do like the zinc table, it suits my Industrial tastes and would blend well with my Mid-Century Modern pieces. Of course it won't fit into my small home but it's cool.
    Thanks for the tour!
    Can't wait to read about where your research leads you to on that artist. You always discover the most fascinating details.

  25. I can always count on you to show places that I long to visit but more likely will just have to drool over your photos! Wonder if they ship....

    The joke didn't hit me until about 4 photos later...I love a delayed laugh! :)

    What about the portrait of the lady behind the one you purchased...she's beautiful.

  26. What a great selection they have, Steve. I am especially enamored with the Chinese pottery. I wish I lived nearby.

  27. Steve,

    Both, actually. I hear a lot about people keeping the original frame (it was the artist's choice to use that frame therefore don't change it) but I also hear of people changing out the frame for a "better one/more suitable" to the painting.

    So, I am always stuck wondering how does someone know which frame is best?

    Thanks for responding to my first comment so quickly. Much appreciated.

    Karla in CA

  28. Waltham is just a short drive away. I can't wait to drag my husband with me. I use to like to go to Encores in Acton. They had a lot of Danish light pine antiques. My kids would say "please mommy we don't want to go to that store again. Why do we always have to visit them."

  29. good lord, that is just the store for me! all interesting finds. i am so envious i am turning purple right now. i really need to make a MA trip and you need to take a week off work to drive me around. ;D

    xo terri

  30. The blue/green pottery, the zinc table and those french chairs...add that HUGE clockface and the danish chest along with the art you bought and it would be a dining room that would make me smile:)

  31. Steve,
    Thanks for coming to the store and the warehouse. I am glad you found so many treasures. The photos are awesome. Darby Road would be happy to ship merchandise within the US - just give us a call.

  32. Ann,
    It was my pleasure!

    That's a great footnote about shipping. Thank you for adding that.


  33. Adore your new painting! Wonderful!
    What a find.

    Thanks for sharing Darby Road.

  34. What a great store. Just pinned so many images to my furniture paint ideas board...


  35. Love that faux bamboo chest. Not to mention a lot of other items. Another place to add to my list of places to go.

    p.s. your sister is apparently very smart and has great taste in music!

  36. looks like lots of fun!....smiles

  37. Very dangerous place for the bank account. If I could get there I'd have to convince myself that it's a museum rather than a shop!

  38. Hi Steve! Can't wait to see what you do with that bedroom. I should go get that green chest. I love that. Oh, and your house looks so great in the book!!

  39. You do make me wish I were in MA more often! What a cool store, I'd be there in a flash!

  40. This looks my kind of store - would love to visist. Alas much too far away from England. The photographs did transport me there though, thank you!

  41. My hubby and I spent some time there recently, I absolutely love it! It's just down the street from me, and I feel so lucky it is!

  42. Wow, I've never heard of this store but I really like it! Will have to take a trip there.

  43. Oh I just want everything in here..!!

  44. Steve, don't know if you've had time to research your painting, but I can tell you the artist is Henry Abraham Wolfson. Born 1891, exhibited at the prestigious National Academy of Design, Salons of America to name a few.. all in all a GREAT buy for the money and a wonderful picture at that ! Wolfson was active in NY, but I've seen Gloucester scenes by the artist as well, so you're right on the money. Check out the artist's work on AskART. com or simply do a Google search... you'll find the signature on your picture is an exact match... good luck!

    1. Yes, I did figure out that it was Henry Wolfson. I found a few auction records from local auction houses but not very much. I was able to see a sample of his signature too and thought he much be the guy. Thank you for the comment and for taking the time to do the search!