Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Season Kicks off with Color

The sunrise nearly burned through my matchstick blinds this morning.

I'm so glad I was up to see this.

And as quickly as the color faded, Thanksgiving turned to Christmas...

...which meant hopping in the car and heading up to Wilson Farm in Lexington, Mass.

I don't know why I don't come out to this wonderful place more often.

It's a little bit nursery and greenhouse...

...a little bit farm stand...

....a little bit grocery store...

...with a whole lot a charm.

It's a great place to get your Christmas or pagan greenery, wreaths, Christmas trees...

...poinsettias in all the latest colors...

...and one of my winter favorites, winter berry.

I just hope it's hip to be square.

All of these colors...
...were a great way to kick off the holiday season.

I'm already in the spirit!


  1. Pagan greenery. Oh, you're funny. And yeah, I think it's hip to be square.

  2. Steve:

    Can you just cut it out with all your glorious, in full color, inspiration?!



  3. Stunning photos Steve. I think your photos have finally got me in the Christmas spirit. Usually what does it for me is snow and cold, but year it has been oddly warm so far (foreboding music here...).

    I want to go to that tree farm/nursery with you. I am so envious of those wreaths. The places I go have tons and tons of the same (fir? pine?). I would die for boxwood. Tomorrow is wreath day. Love the speckled poinsettias also. I have NEVER been a red fan but for some reason this winter, I am craving red everything....


    xo T.

  4. Lol to Lime in the Coconut! What a beautiful sunrise. I've never heard of this farm but now need to check it out. For those reading who can get to Natick, there is a guy who runs "Frannies" in the parking lot of the Building 19 on Rt 9. Not a glamorous or charming spot, but he has the most gorgeous greenery and such anywhere. All fresh cut varieties of holiday things. Really amazing and unexpected. Thanks for the beautiful images Steve!

  5. We used to go to Wilson Farms when it was just the little white building all the way to the left inthe parking lot.. I have their cookbook that I got about 25 years ago. I went there in September, hadn't been for about 25 years and I was amazed. And Steve, your shots of sunrise were nothing short of wonderful. Such interesting weather. I hear it was rather warm for you guys today. I was out in the front yard last night and was totally surprised to see fireflies out and about. Crazy!

  6. Mid-60s today. Perfect for getting outdoor greenery and lights up!

  7. I love boxwood and had two square wreaths hung with wide satin ribbons over my bed many, many years ago for Christmas. I forgot how lovely they are. I'm loving the poinsettia with the white speckles on them. Your door looks elegant and welcoming.

  8. What a beautiful sunrise, mother nature's colors just blow my mind! You captured it beautifully!

    I have to tell you that I burst out laughing over the "pagan" comment. You brought me right back to catholic school and the "pagan babies" we used to adopt . . .

    I love the square boxwood wreaths! I think they are stunning!

    My family room tree is up (undressed), next will be my dining room tree, then the kitchen tree!

    I'll have to hop on over to Wilson's next week. My sister lives down the street from the Wilson Farm in Litchfield, NH!

  9. Gorgeous sunrise photos! And I love the square wreath. That farm looks like a wonderful resource. We will be waiting at least another week to do our Christmas tree and garland shopping, and I am really looking forward to it. Enjoy the season!

  10. What a great place to visit! I believe it IS hip to be square, Hughie.

  11. Often, when I get up in the morning, I see a spectacular sunrise from the upstairs bathroom window. By the time I get downstairs for my's gone! You were so lucky to get these shots.

    Thanks for all the wonderful color-filled photos.


  12. The colors are wonderful! The square boxwood wreath is lovely. I love to use boxwood clippings during the holidays. You inspire!

  13. Your photos are stunning! I would love some insight as to your photographic prowess......Classes, camera, raw talent? Please share. If it has anything to do with the camera I need to know. I am in the market for a new one.

    Thank you,

  14. LOVE your square wreath! Perfect in your setting. Hope you are going to "gussy it up a bit" and then share with us!

  15. "red sky at morning..."! If only I'd opened my eyes at dawn. You're totally hip with that wreath.

  16. Steve...
    It's been beautiful here in Syracuse as well. No s*ow here yet and yesterday...mid 60's too! I saw your awesome sunrise pics and remembered the sunset we had on Thanksgiving was like you used my pics to post...purply-pinky-orange sky was amazing!
    enjoy your shopping and holiday decorating...

  17. Nouveaustitch,
    Not sure what to say. I do have a new camera which I love. It's a Panasonic DMC-LX5 but when I forgot it under a friend's car seat yesterday, I went back to my old Canon G5 and I was impressed with the quality of the photos from it. I tend to zoom in and look for color and pattern and nothing neats good composition. Some of that can be taught, some is instinct. I think about that and see if there's something I pass on.

    I certainly plan to add a little but of gussy!

    Dawn is the best time of the day!

  18. Steve
    Thank you for the stunning images of sunrise.

    I do believe square wreaths are "it"

    Great post
    Helen xx

  19. Your photo's are beautiful. Love the wreath you chose. Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Love the wreath. It's 60 here today too and we can finally spend thr day outside enjoying.

    Um, Merry Christmas?

    Pics are fab.

    xo Jane

  21. I saw square wreaths at Whole Foods yesterday. Are they something new? Have I been living under a rock?

  22. Beautiful pics Steve! What pretty colors. Love Wilson Farms too.

  23. Thank you for the camera info, Steve. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Your eye is impeccable but a good camera never hurts.

  24. Your sunrise is absolutely beautiful...the colors are amazing...definitely worth waking up early! Wilson Farm looks like a place I would love! Your photos are stunning and Yes, I do indeed think it's hip to be square! The poinsettias are so pretty in all those different colors! You've got me in the holiday spirit...even if it is 80 degrees in Southern California. I had to move my chair out of the sun this morning while reading the newspaper on the patio...ridiculous!

  25. Hi Steve! I'm a new reader, but really like the blog so far. My husband and I live in Lexington in my grandparents' old 1934 Cape and do a lot of DIY/home improvement. We also love Wilson's and were there on Friday - we just missed you!

  26. Oh how I would like to have a Wilson Farm in Northern VA. Thank you for taking us along on your recent visit. I think the square wreath was a great choice.

  27. hi steve,

    just got back and i'm catching up on my blog reading. beautiful photos. i cannot believe it is time for christmas decor already.

  28. Steve: Once again, beautiful photos! We only live about 45 minutes north of Wilson Farms, so it is a favorite of ours. Cindy

  29. I just found your blog and it made me totally homesick. I grew up in Cambridge, but am now living in Seattle. I love Wilson's Farm, especially in the fall and this time of year.

  30. Wow, those colors are insane! So beautiful, now I am most. def. in the holiday spirit.

  31. Just gorgeous! I want your insanely gorgeous homeby the way! You are so talented! Thanks so much for sharing all your fabulous tips!

  32. is my reminder that I need to get on with the holiday decorating...and I want those square boxwood wreaths!

  33. Steve my kind of place. I love all the greenery, the berries, and yes the square wreath is perfect!

    Please Come and enter the 1st of Twelve Days of Holiday giveaways from Dovecote Decor! It is stunning!

    Art by Karena

  34. Oh. My. Stunning photos. I'm coveting the farm/nursery--we just don't have something quite that fabulous in SC. There's nothing like fresh greenery and a rainbow of poinsettias to get in the holiday spirit! Thanks for sharing (and love the square wreath!)


  35. Wow. Beautiful! Thank you for the lovely post.

  36. Those wreathes! Beautiful!!! I'm so jealous! ;)
    Great blog!

  37. Gorgeous photos. I love the square wreath! :)

  38. Thanks for coming by Dovecote Decor and entering our contest on Art by Karena. Spread the word for us, its a biggie. I'm following you back. Wow your farmers market is amazing. I'm going to head over to mine tomorrow.

  39. I took a quick break from the Internet and found that I actually only missed a handful of blogs.
    Yours?, most definitely!
    I'm trying to pull myself into the Holiday Spirit and this post is helping. Love it!
    Bah Humbug Cindi