Saturday, November 19, 2011


Most of the leaves have fallen and we've already had our first snow.

The Christmas trees have arrived at the local garden center.

And my Zephyrine Drouhin rose is blooming?

The nasturtium is putting on a show right near the bittersweet?

One the next street over...

a cherry tree is coming into bloom?

...right next-door to a rose?

And my perennial geranium have started to bloom?

Despite the confusion, I pulled my frostbitten Dahlias to put them away for the winter.

Lavender, which can be a little intolerant to our severe winters...

...gets packed tightly with leaves for insulation.  

It's worked for three years so I don't mess with success.

Amaryllis "Lima"                                         Amaryliis "La Paz"

For the inside, I bought a few different Amaryllis bulbs
that I'll start every few weeks so I can pretend it's spring all winter long.

If Mother Nature can be confused, a few bulbs should work for me.


  1. Steve, I`m having the same thing happening here.

    Isn`t the Zephyrine Drouhin the most amazing rose ever!


  2. Saw a dogwood in flower over by the Fogg! I think that you aren't confused: this Fall is confused!

  3. Steve every day is a surprise here in Kansas City. From windy and 60 today it is now 32 degrees!

    Sorry to be so remiss, still doing extensive rehab for hip replacement. it is going well though!

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena

  4. That is so strange that the cherry is blooming. We have had a very mild fall, but no strange occurrences like that.

  5. Is this the infamous Indian summer?! I planted babies breath four months ago and I have a whole bed full of them whats up with that?!

  6. Crazy weather! The plants don't know what season they're living in, do they?

  7. How strange! But lovely just the same. I really miss bittersweet. Can't find it anywhere 'round here.

  8. It's official, you can make a paper bag look beautiful.

  9. Yeah its crazy in the burbs too Steve...I look at all the golden leaves swirling around my blooming rose hedges! My urn is still loaded with geraniums and petunias that keep reblooming! Thanksgiving this week? STrange!

  10. The weather is insane. Yesterday my husband brought home pine roping for the front door . . . and we were wearing sweaters . . . even though I despise putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, I am going to take advantage of the weather and put the rope around the front door! Oh, I also have Peace roses blooming . . . global warming . . . anyone!

  11. I know ,some morning I'm trotting along the street to work admiring rose and petunias, the next day I'm bundled up and cursing the cold, no eyes for anything in bloom.

    I'm in down and I pass someone in shorts.

    I'm doing arrangements with both local holly and herbs.

    Coming for Thanksgiving?

    xo Jane

  12. What next locusts???? We live in a strange world when it comes to in the good old south it can be 78 one day and 45 the next. I get confused about what to wear and walk around sweating with boots and a coat on those crazy 78 degree days in November.

  13. Yes, it has been quite a confusing autumn. Here on Long Island, most of the leaves are off the trees and it is getting that "grey winter look"; and then, all of a sudden we will get a beautiful, balmy, warm day. I'm waiting for more surprises this winter!!!

  14. Same here.
    Roses poking out of all the leaves.
    Catnip blooming.
    Dead Mums.

  15. Weird. Yes it is! As usual your images are gorgeous. Hope you are having a lovely summer Sunday. I mean fall day. I mean winter...

  16. my garden has what your garden has. maybe they can get together. actually, it's never looked better for this time of year. have a great sunday steve.

  17. Nature has been very strange this mums died but my annual impatiens are still going strong!! I do love surprises like this!

    Happy Sunday!


  18.'s like spring and fall all at the same time...lovely images though!

  19. Weird science. Our lilac bushes look like they're going to bud while the dead leaves are still on the branches.

  20. Things like roses blooming in November scare me a bit. Is this a harbinger of bad weather to come? Of global warming? Or just an Indian summer, as someone pointed out?

  21. Beautiful photos! Yes, it is a confusing autumn. Snow here and brutally cold this weekend, but well above zero next week. I doubt anything will bloom here. I love that things are blooming again - so hopeful. Beautiful pictures....

    I seem to have missed your last post...apologies darling!


    xo terri

  22. No confusion here. My camillias are blooming and the leaves are falling. The perfect Fall! :)

  23. Wow, those amaryllis are gorgeous. Which variety are they, please?

  24. That's a great question.

    The one on the left is "Lima" and the other is "La Paz." I'll go back and add that in the post.

    Thank you!


  25. Steve your blog is being promoted on twitter this morning by @stacystyle!

  26. Thanks for the amaryllis info!