Sunday, January 30, 2011

Up on the Roof

After the roofs of a few local buildings collapsed under the weight of snow, I thought I should get up on the flat portion of my roof and check it out.  The flat roof is over the master bedroom and back porch and is accessed through a little door at the back of the attic.  I've only been up here once with The Architects.

There's about 2-1/2 feet of snow up here so I think it's good I got up here to deal with it.

And while I'm up here, I thought it would be fun to show the surrounding neighborhood from this bird's-eye view.

Looking north toward the front of the house, the steeple in the right of the photo is right in Central Square where I catch the subway to work.

Off the other side of the house, looking northeast, is my old maple tree and the two soapworker's cottages that are the two oldest houses on the street, built in 1835.  They're on the National Register of Historic Places.

This is a closer look at one of the cottages and my neighbor who is also clearing snow and ice from her roof.  

This is looking east toward Boston.  Through the tree... can see the Prudential building.  This is about a block from the Boston Marathon's finish line.

This is looking south down the little alleyway where there are four more old cottages.

Finally, looking west are more houses and one of the many local churches.

I love this view but unfortunately the only place I can see it is from the attic.  It would be nice to have a roof deck or an attic hideaway one day to enjoy this scene.

Another storm coming on Wednesday.   And I'm ready.


  1. Fab post - love your bird's eye view and you sure do need an attic room/deck. Love to see your great busy neighborhood! I remember being in the Prudential building - I have a neat photo from inside looking out. Fun post and congrats on the roof clearing - what a big job. Be careful up there!!

    xo Terri

  2. I can't believe you were up on your roof!

    In that second photo of the gray house with the red door. I assume that it was added on to....that's a strange looking roofline. I did love seeing your neighborhood from this vantage point. Yes, a roof top deck is needed. Your neighborhood looks so quaint and historic.

  3. Oh. I think I just got goose bumps.


    I did.f

  4. Love you attic view!

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow

  5. Such a fabulous view, I had to show my husband (sorry, he wasn't interested.)

    I'd hate to think of you lying in bed and a roof-load of snow landing on you! So, I'm glad you shovelled a bit off.

  6. Rooftop views make some of the most interesting pictures. I hope you were able to safely remove the snow and ice.

  7. ohmy! aren't you a brave soul?! you be careful up there- you do have your cell phone, a bottle of water a tent, a flashlight just in case?!! and be careful of falling ice! we just had a HUGE icicle fall off the 2nd story.... it was the loudest crash, and it landed in the snow!

    you must explain that your neighbor is using a "snow rake".... we had never heard of such an animal until we moved here! just bought one in fact!
    stay warm!

    p.s. how's that one window coming this weekend?!

  8. Thank you, Joan, for mentioning the snow rake. I'm sure there are lot of people who don't know what a snow rake is. Yes, they actually make tools to rake the snow off your roof. Let me use this opportunity to send a shout out to Kuala Lumpur, Greece and all my Aussie friends! Thanks for watching!

  9. You have a lovely old neighbourhood. I especially love that yellow cottage. I see Mrs A's house!!! Very brave of you to go up on the roof and with a camera.

  10. Beautiful views BUT yes, be careful up there! And I was just about to mention my memories of using a snow rake back in Maine. Had to rake the roof after every major storm to prevent the ice dams. Bought one when we first moved into this house although the snow out west is much wetter than the east, so it usually melts before raking is needed.
    Stay warm and SAFE! Whenever Mike goes up to shovel snow off our roof, I pace with worry!

  11. it's funny what we'll do for the sake of our homes. what a nice view from the top of your house!

    my work headquarters are in boston, and for various reasons i've taken the T and gotten off at central square. i just love all those old neighborhoods, the cottages, the churches. it's so different from my home territory.

    glad you are ready for the next big snow! we are enjoying rain this Sunday morning in LA.

  12. I feel guilty telling you that we were blessed with a beautiful spring day today...65 degrees!
    I think we have earned it and it is short lived as the temps will drop again later this week....but...nice while it lasts.
    Be careful up there!

  13. Such a beautiful neighbourhood you live in. Keep warm.

  14. I miss working in Boston, thanks for the "birds eye view" from your roof! We'll be clearing the snow off of our roof tomorrow! Take care, brace yourself for more snow!


  15. Such beautiful photos, Steve. The steep pitch of the roof doesn't even keep the snow moving? That's a lot of snow... Do be careful. Our house is four stories high, with a hip roof. It looks like ice dams are in the gutters at the moment, but I'm afraid they're going to have to stay there!

  16. That was a serious weight of snow on your roof, Steve! A good job that you were brave enough to tackle it. (I take it that you don't suffer from vertigo!)

    Most enjoyable to be given a birds' eye view of your neigbourhood.

  17. I can't take any more snow!!!! My husband is doing our roof today in prep for mid week. I know this is unpredictable New England and all, but come on already! Love the view!

  18. Ok Steve, with a view like that could there possibly be a deck in the near future. Wouldn't it be neat to spend the summer nights looking at Boston's sparkling lights.

  19. That's it! I'm going to spot complaining about the 6 inches of snow and inch of ice we've had in Atlanta this year! Truly, I feel for you guys.

  20. Hi Steve- Snap on the new Upper Deck in the near future! Might have to be a One Martini Limit Zone though :)
    Your poor neighbour! She needed some help- there was no way she could get to all that. Strange how the snow sticks to even the sharpest inclines.
    Nature always knows how to outsmart us I'm afraid!

    Slim P

  21. While I loved the glimpse of your neighborhood from up on the roof, you made me feel guilty for being whiny about us having a cloudy day today (I was spoiled by yesterday's 70 degrees and sunny - the first sunny weekend in months and I loved it). You New Englanders are a hardy bunch, aren't you? It was certainly pretty!

  22. you're making me miss boston/cambridge.
    even more than usual.
    believe it or not,
    i miss the snow storms up north.

    the white church looks awfully familiar,
    someone i dated lived on the same street.
    i think.

    glad you're ready,
    enjoy all the beautiful snow!

  23. Hey Steve ...definitely a roof top deck.
    I can't get over all of the snow. I think I like the idea of shoveling snow, it seems like a good workout and if you don't like your neighbor you can chuck it into their yard!

    stay warm, kelley

  24. My husband is bringing the snow rake home tonight, where it was used on his dental office and it really does work! Plus, no worries about falling off the roof. Loved the rooftop photos of Boston. Despite the inconvenience of it all, the city looks so lovely with all that snow,. Plus, it HAS to be great for the aquifer, therefor, our gardens. I leave you with that nice spring-time thought and, be careful on that roof!

  25. And we thought we had a lot of snow this winter when we had a foot! Never heard of clearing the snow from your roof around these parts! Love the views from your rooftop, and glad to have dscovered your blog!
    Best Wishes, Keep warm!

  26. Hi Steve,
    How fun was this tour! I love the rooftop view. The perspective is totally different. I love the steeple.
    Be very careful up there, my friend! Thankfully we have only slopped roof lines because all the roof rakes here have been sold out for months.
    Stay warm! I'd run a blueberry muffin over to you if you were just a little closer. :)

  27. Shoveling snow off the roof does not make me miss Massachusetts. The Pru does.

  28. I love this post! How many times do we get to see someone's home from their rooftop. Great perspective, no??

  29. It’s a good thing you went up and shoved some snow off your roof. My husband did this kind of work and it resulted in a near injury! He was raking some snow of our roof when he lost his balance and went tumbling down. Luckily, he grabbed the edge of our roof and was able to somehow soften his landing. Since then, I made sure to contact experts for problems as such.

    Chantay Smithingell