Thursday, January 27, 2011

Before and After (The Storm)

Remember this just before Christmas?

This is what it looks like this morning.

These are the side steps off the front porch to the garden gate.

Just finished my morning workout.

And here's the garden.

It's actually pretty now that the sun is out.


  1. holy cannoli! that's a lot of snow!!! loved the visual.
    dan just spent 3 hours plowing the drive.... should I have him bring Big Blue by your house?!!

    repeat after me.... Spring is almost's not true, but it will make you feel better!!

  2. I feel your pain. We are in the throes of it now. You are like my weather forecaster!

    p.s. another snow day.

  3. I have a similar photo that I plan on posting later this week! LOL!!! Hubby's going out now with the Snowblower . . . Just keep repeating, "The last day of winter is March 19th" it helps! Have a great day!

  4. Yes, there's the pretty, picturesque snow, and then...there's SNOW. You guys have really gotten walloped this year.

    We, on the other hand, usually have a lot of snow, and right now we're looking more like your December photo.

    Still, except for the shoveling, it's better than drab brown and gray.

  5. I bet you are ready to see your pretty cottage without snow all over it. It is so strange....we have not gotten any snow or rain or anything...we are in a drought. We have had light dustings of snow but nothing that has stuck. It's been a long time since we've had a winter with no snow. I am going to have to go out and water everything today - it is so dry and I never have to do that in the winter. But I don't know about you...but I am more than ready for spring.

  6. holy moly! are your arms like popeye's?

    my guess is you will appreciate the coming of spring in a deeper way than I (living in LA).

  7. Wow! I am so glad we dodged the bullet this time around. We've had some wild weather, but at least no snow. And I agree with the others who said "just keep repeating spring is almost here..."!

    Sure looks pretty, though.

  8. hey steveo-

    it's still clear as a bell here and in the mid 70's. thank goodness for pictures like these to remind me it is winter somewhere. i'm headed back to the tundra in 2 weeks. and your xmas decor is still up?


  9. OMG. To heck with the gym - you will soon have biceps of steel. Wow, that is a lot of snow.
    Gosh, your house and street are so nice. Snow is pretty from inside a nice warm room.
    P.S. I hate people who live in California (except Janet).
    xo Terri

  10. Hmmm....I guess it all ended up at your place. We got nada here in VT. Yes, Janet, we tend to keep Christmas garland up until, well, spring here in New England. Sometimes longer :).

  11. I am not to far away from you out here in Framingham.......
    Enough with the snow already huh?!?!
    Looking forward to the summer months ahead.

  12. I know you are tired of it but it is soooo beautiful...hauntingly so.

  13. I just unearthed my car. The toughest part is trying to find a spot to put the snow! Enough already. Spring will be extra special. : )

  14. LOL...will it ever end? These are great shots. I did some myself today. Hope you new windows are keeping you snug! :)

  15. Sitting here in the tropics where the only snow we see is in our freezers, I find it very enchanting. I wish I could send my kids into that for just an hour!

  16. Another storm heading our way this coming Wednesday. Where are we going to put it all? Great photos though!

  17. it looks lovely but i know it cannot be fun with the storms coming as frequently as they are...
    stay warm.... xx

  18. The snow can indeed be beautiful, as our your photos, but enough Winter already, yes? We had the same in 2009 here in the central US, so we can sympathize with your storm after storm. We've been more fortunate weather-wise this year. Your home is lovely and the care you put into it is obvious. Just B :)

  19. We seem to have missed this last storm. Let's see if we get the next one heading your way.
    Cheer up Steve, soon you'll be blogging about beautiful flowers and soft summer breezes! Susan :)

  20. Apparently the BIG burly winter we were supposed to have here this year...ended up elsewhere. Despite some big storms in November and December, we've been all rain. Even the bugs are out!
    Must be loving those new cozy Marvin windows! We were shocked at what a difference ours made with drafts!