Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Independence Day

I've been doing a flag series on Instagram this week and I thought I'd share it with all of you.

I love old flags and anything George and Martha Washington so it's fun to pull them out
this time of year and give them a place of prominence.

Old parada flags decorate the kitchen light.

The Langham Hotel in Boston decorated for the holiday.

Boston City Hall today.  It's so humid you can see it in the air.

The Old State House with bunting on its balcony.

The Declaration of Independence was "proclaimed" from this balcony in July 1776.

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Arthur is coming up the East Coast and will rain out
the 4th so Boston pulled together and is hosting its annual Boston Pops concert
and fireworks show tonight.

Wishing you a safe and happy Independence Day!


  1. My husband loves Independence day, and wakes me at 8AM every 4th with the Washington Post March cranked up on the stereo. I think I'd rather have the flags and a little more sleep! Kudos to Beantown for getting the celebration underway tonight so all can enjoy. Here's hoping Arthur is no big thing :-) Happy 4th of July Steve!

  2. Happy 4th. I have enjoyed the flags of Instagram.

  3. Awww. Love this. And, Dang, you have some big feet.


  4. Great photos!! My fave the stairs and the sneaks. Happy 4th Ron... I mean Steve.

  5. I've always wanted to be in a New England town on the Fourth--one of my favorite holidays. I bet it is especially festive in Boston! Love that photo of the State House. The bunting is great -- do ever put bunting on your house? Bet it would look nice there too!

  6. Boston puts on an amazing fireworks show. It's often televised nationally but there's nothing better than watching it from a roofdeck above the Charles River so you can see the fireworks illuminate all the boats in the water. It's SO beautiful!

    I've never done bunting. I'll have to look for some that fits in the spaces between the columns on the porch.

  7. I was hoping you would do this. I've been enjoying them on Instagram and wanted to see them all together. Love love love them.

  8. LOve all of these wonderful holiday images for the 4th, Steve. I must start taking more pics and posting them on Instagram!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. Happy 4th of July to you! I have a George and Martha almost identical to yours! They are in our bedroom and I never thought about displaying them for patriotic decor before. Love your flags :)

  10. I love our flag! Your photo's are great! Seeing the former Hotel Meridian brought a smile, I walked by that hotel every day for 10 years enroute to State Street Bank! I think I forgot about the balcony history. What do you think our forefathers would think today if they knew what was under it? LOL

    I really like your George & Martha profiles!

    Happy 4th & keep safe and dry!

  11. Perfect! Here's to the red, white and blue-and to Boston for doing the fireworks early.
    Hope Arthur fizzles out ASAP.

    It's our first Fourth here in SD, so we're on a three hour cruise around the Harbor tomorrow night-the best place to see the fireworks here, we're told.

    Although last year there was a glitch and ALL the fireworks went off AT ONCE. OOOPS! Fingers crossed they get it right this year LOL.

  12. Totally unlike a large US city to get their stuff together and successfully work with the weather to put on an event like the 4th of July celebration a day early. That's awesome. The sneakers, flag, and front door shot is classic ... I wonder where I put my old flag? I should look for it. (Arthur is bypassing us here. I hope the same happens to you.)

  13. I like . . . very much . . .

  14. Looking downstairs, past the 13-star flag to the sneakers on the carpet is a great image; it speaks of who and where you are. I wish you a happy, safe and DRY 4th!

  15. I knew your post this weekend would be inspirational and beautiful. Hope the storm didn't do any damage! Happy 4th. xo Nancy

  16. ahhhh, to be in boston for the 4th, no doubt magical!
    enjoy steve

  17. Great photos Steve. I don't think there is any flag more crisp and meaningful and handsome than the American one. I've always loved it and also American patriotism. When we drove down to NH as a kid, I was always thrilled at the charming houses in charming towns in Maine and NH flying their big and ubiquitous flags - Canadians just didn't do that.

    I love the stairwell shot...perfection. Happy 4th!
    x Terri

  18. Boston is indeed the town for the Fourth of July.
    Your photos really capture the feel of the day.
    I hope the storm missed you, I haven't had the weather on much,
    but I'm hoping it wasn't as bad as predicted.
    Our town has cancelled the Fireworks because of the Flood
    and the bridges are in such bad shape they don't want to light them off of any of them like they usually do.
    But the towns still have lots of activities going on, but we are staying home.
    We still get to see/hear Fireworks though, there are plenty of illegal ones going off in the neighborhood, much to my dogs dismay as they cower under the sofa or bark out the window.
    Yes, lots of fun! LOL!

  19. Is that an old 48 star flag with George & Martha? Nice. Pics, as always, are great. They help the reader hear you while remembering our own story.

    Hope you had a great 4th!

  20. Love your old flag collection. I have a flag I bought in an antique store in Knoxville, Tenn. years ago, it's made out of picket fencing and looks very Jasper Johns. A permanent fixture on my front porch. I think I wrote a post about it a few years ago. Hope Arthur left you alone, we were expecting him too but wound up with a couple of thunderstorms. Happy belated 4th!

  21. Let's try this again (I left a message the other day but it look like it didn't go through). I hope you had a great Independence Day holiday -- ours was very relaxing and we enjoyed a nice fireworks show at a nearby country club, which puts on great displays each July 4th. I love the flag photos in your post, and I love the look of bunting, too. I think it would look marvelous on your house.

  22. i hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday!! btw - WHERE did you get that gorgeous entry rug Steve?~!!?!?!

  23. Hope you had a great 4th.....we got a bit of a break in the weather from the oppressive humidity that defines summer in Atlanta. Promptly on the 5th it was back......

  24. Love you flags - such a beautiful post. Hope you 4th was wonderful!!