Sunday, June 22, 2014


       Photo:  Me                                                                         Painting:  Christina Baker

I decided to take a day off work and escape to Cape Cod the other day.  I sat in bumper-to-bumper
traffic for an hour to hit the road to relaxation.  Funny how that works.  I had a great day in
Provincetown seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  It's just a two-hour drive from Boston but it's a world away.  People you barely know greet you with a hug or kiss on the cheek--something I'd be quite uncomfortable doing with people I see on the subway far more often.  But I digress.

I find it relaxing to walk around with my camera and look for compositions to photograph.
I'll share more of my photographs in another post but while I was there, I was posting some of photos to Instragram.  Shortly after I posted my photo of Provincetown Harbor at low tide, I saw Christina Baker post one of her paintings called High Noon.  I thought my view of the harbor
could easily serve as inspiration for Christina's painting.  And I love seeing the two side by side.

Enjoy more of Christina's paintings on her website, her blog and Greg Irby Fine Art.

The weather is perfect which, to normal people, might mean the beach or a barbecue.  To me it's a big painting weekend out on the back porches.  I have to get back out there.


  1. Sun, calm waters, low tide, the smell of the shore line. We're lucky we live were we do. Your picture captures it all nicely.

    P Town is one of my favorite places. The restuarants are fantastic. The shops are fabulous. Our favorite is a shop at the north end of the commercial district that has many photographs from different photographers for sale. We like the one (who's name escapes me and ours are packed away for moving) who's work focuses on doorways. It seems that our trip is not complete without leaving with a new one too add to our collection.

  2. Whoa. this post is perfectly in line with my thoughts today.
    My family has driven up to Lake Michigan this weekend and of course I had to work yesterday but it has left me pondering how I spend my spare time.
    Today will be spent moving furniture and cleaning house, painting a door I bought and doing some gardening.
    But the fact that you compared that beautiful abstract to the harbor photo, caught me by surprise because I've been obsessed lately with abstracts!
    Thanks for this post, it's oddly comforting to know there are kindred spirits out there making their houses into homes.

  3. Your photo and painting pairing is wonderful--I'd love to see you do more of that, should you ever feel like it. I was not familiar with Christina Baker, but I love her work. It was fun to follow your day on Instagram, and I hope you will put more of your pictures and thoughts up here. You know I fell in love with P'town last year, and now it's an early summer and early fall must for me. The combination of sea, sky, charming houses and gardens, fine art, and friendly eclectic people is nourishing

  4. It IS finally summer in your parts...isn't it City boy?! Looks lovely and peaceful. Love her work, too!

  5. There is simply nothing better than the beach. Except good art, maybe?
    Love the paintings-so pretty/fresh with great movement/depth.
    If I lived nearby I would volunteer to help with that porch painting-I love to paint. Especially outdoors.
    Are you just loving your kitchen? Is it all organized/etc now?

  6. I love pairings like this. The horizontal lines of your photo are echoed in color and general feeling in Christina's non-linear composition. Of course I am biased because we are friends and I love everything she does.
    Your Instagram feed looked like you had a really great day.

  7. Your photography is beyond inspiring to me. I've highly enjoyed your images on Instagram Steve. I especially love this seascape that looks like a oil painting. You also posted a breathtaking image this morning of a rose, yet another subject matter much inspiring to my work. Looking forward to seeing much much more through your eyes. c.

  8. Love this painting, Steve! I particularly like your photograph and would display it in my home.

  9. Christina is damn talented and one day I will have one of her gorgeous paintings in my home:)

  10. i might 'waterogue' your photo it is so lovely.
    i remain jealous of where you live steve.......

  11. yeah, I wouldn't mind hanging that photo myself!

  12. Do you ever paint, Steve? I mean besides walls? Your photographs suggest to me that between your compositions and your eye for color, you'd be a good painter.

    P.S. Thanks for putting that Instagram icon on your side bar!

  13. You are on to something here.............franki

  14. p.s Forgot to say that when I saw the photo here I thought is was an Ann Packard painting!

  15. Beautiful!! One day I will make it to Cape Cod. Hope there are lots of antiques shops there.

  16. I love P Town! I haven't been in over 20 years! I had a good friend who use to teach there and it was fun to visit year round. I also had an old beau whose family owned a beautiful home in Wellfleet (still do). Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Talk about digressing! LOL!!!

    Beautiful photo & beautiful painting! Enjoy the halcyon days of summer!

  17. I know that traffic on Rte 3 well. I live in Marshfield. The Mister and I are planning a trip to Provincetown soon. Have a great week!

  18. Your photo is pure serenity. I think I'll just stare at it for a while.

  19. I just love Christina's work and your photo is gorgeous!! Adore Cape Cod…not the traffic though…

  20. What gifts we have been given:
    A wonderful seascape and abstract art
    A beautiful gothic house and a gorgeous pink rose
    A lovely Heriz indoors and a lovely volunteer campanula outdoors
    All compliments of a caring sharing gentle-man.........
    Thank you!!!!! All the best!!!!! Rob

  21. Though I have just had an amazing adventure, I have not been to Cape Cod. Steve I love seeing your wonderful composition next to Christina's art!

    The Arts by Karena

  22. Sounds like a perfect getaway and not far from Boston. I often think of the quaint beaches up your way (and how I need to visit them). We had a local arts festival this past weekend and I came across an artist that you should check out. One of the prints that we purchased is a scene from Provincetown (as described when we checked out). The artist is from MA and does a lot of scenes from up there. You might enjoy some of his work. His name is Danny O Studio (

  23. sounds lovely. I really love Christina's work, and your photo! So glad you go to the beach. Best of luck with the painting! xo Nancy