Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wisteria Walk

I saw my neighbor's wisteria in bloom earlier this week which was my signal to get back over to Harvard so I could check out that huge wisteria I showed you a few weeks ago.

It was well worth the trip.  Enjoy.

Click to enlarge.

I wish I could offer scratch and sniff.

The scent filled the damp morning air.

This was the shot I took about three weeks ago for the New England Home blog post.

This is the same shot this morning.

Someone tipped me off that there was another great one around the corner so I thought I'd wander these new-to-me streets to look for it.

I found another Greek Revival I didn't know about.
This one looks like a developer got their hands on it at some point.

Look what's happened.

It looks like a few condos have been added.  The underground parking is nice detail, right?

I think this must be the place but it's not yet in full bloom.  This has a Western exposure so it might be a little behind the others that have a Southern exposure.  

How pretty is this Colonial Revival?  The white tulips are perfect.  And as they fade away, a row of hydrangea must fill in a meet the boxwood hedge.  I'd love to come back and see this in the summer.  I've wanted to add a low hedge like this along the front of my house to people from letting their dogs pee on my hydrangea.

A beautiful Eastern Redbud just coming into bloom.  

The birthplace of poet e.e. cummings.

I wouldn't have known that but the Historical Commission places
these signs on notable properties around the city.

And directly across the street... the former home of a famous Cambridge resident.

I'm sure you know her if not love her.

It's the one and only...

Julia Child in her Cambridge kitchen.  Photo by Arnold Newman.

Julia Child.

I'm glad you asked me to come back.  I really enjoyed my walk this morning and I got to visit several new streets I didn't know before.


  1. Such a pretty stroll. I just love the old homes and the history that goes along with them. Wonder how old that blooming bush/tree is? Is it considered a tree or a bush?

  2. That wisteria is MAD gorgeous! I love the pics!

  3. such great photos steve. love, love the architecture. and omg, the wisteria!

  4. aaahmazing wisteria! So many beautiful homes and flowers. What a lovely place to walk.

  5. This is such a great post...I loved seeing the home of Julia Child since she has been such an inspiration to me. Lovely homes!

    I planted wisteria around my porch a few years ago and it is climbing up to the 2nd floor balcony. It is wild! I can't wait for more blooms and when I can actually smell it drifting in my windows!


  6. We have an ancient wisteria over our outside eating area which we attack every year when it starts trying to embrace the house but it doesn't flower like that beauty. I must google what they like to eat (besides houses) so it can focus on blooming like your neighbours' instead of sneaking in our windows!

  7. wow! I've never seen a wisteria anything like that one - perfectly gorgeous.

    Hope you'll go back to see the hydrangeas later.

    Our dogwoods and redbuds are purely memory now. Yours are lovely.

  8. I just had another look and can't believe you can grow tulips like that in a garden!!! They are spectacular!

  9. What I love about spring in New England is the way it seems to come all in a rush, as if to make up for time lost in the long, cold winter. Those two photos taken three weeks apart show exactly what I mean. Thanks for going back and bringing us the update!

  10. what lovely photos. You have me longing for wisteria now...and rows of white tulips.

  11. what a great walk. i am so pleased to know that e.e.cummings lived in a taupe house (that is meant to be funny). julia - i love julia - we saw her kitchen at the museum of american history. i was pleased to see all her cat magnets on the fridge - i would not have taken her for a cat lady. she also lived in a taupe house!

    love all flowering trees - just stunning. that colonial with the tulips is lovely.

    hey, it is nice to know your house would still look good with a parkade under it. if you are ever short of cash you can develop it.

    xo terri

  12. What a lovely stroll through Cambridge. Loved looking at the wisteria, it was stunning! Nice to know where e.e. cummings was born too! And who doesn't love Julia! I'm so happy to have met her and to have had her sign my cookbooks!

    You may want to venture over to my blog, you may enjoy my latest post!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  13. HI Steve - thanks for the walk - felt like I went right along with you - I'm dying for some bloom - almost nothing blooming here in southern Ontario yet. J

  14. Wisteria, did you change your face again...

    Yeah? So what. I was a HUGE Dan Fogelberg fan. What's it ti ya?

  15. Lovely. I'd love an espaliered Wisteria on the arch of my front porch, but sadly it was planted near the driveway, where it tries to block entrance there each summer! Love the door, too.

  16. That purple door is fantastic against the wisteria!

    Thanks for taking us along on your walk. Great post!

    Karla in CA.

  17. I enjoyed this little stroll! The wisteria is stunning with that purple door. How fun to see Julia Child's home too!

  18. What a great walk to start my Sunday. These houses are amazing. I love love the gardens. Sinead

  19. I really liked your post! The flowers look so lovely and those homes are just gorgeous - what a beautiful place!

  20. Beautiful! I love this time of year when everything blooms. Add to it a stroll around a beautiful neighborhood and I this its a perfect day.

  21. Steve,
    I thoroughly enjoy your neighborhood walks. They are the next best thing to being there. Too bad computers don't have scratch and sniff. I love the smell of wisteria. But here in the mid-west we have apple blossoms trees and lilacs blooming. I love when I walk down the street and smell the blossoms before I see them.

    Just lovely.


  22. I loved your walk Steve it was beautiful. I planted wisteria last summer and now can't wait for it to grow! I planted it so it would grow along a stone wall and have support....I can't wait for the show!

    Enjoy your day!

  23. That Colonial revival was a lovely Longfellow yellow until two years ago..I was dismayed that they painted it white until I saw your photo with the white tulips.Was that a sculpture at the end of the walk? Such a fun walk when YOU'RE doing the walking!!

  24. Beautiful pictures and houses. What a lovely city you live in.

    GG wonders if you'll be draping your house with wisteria anytime soon...

    We are so far ahead of you weather wise just picked our first peony and lily of the valley.

    xo Jane

  25. Loved this post so much I had to share on FB! Thanks for the tour Steve...

  26. Steve, it always is a pleasure to be invited to come along on a walk in Cambridge with you.

  27. Shelley,
    That's a patio set at the end of the yard. I'm a little surprised it doesn't have better screening.

    Do you think they painted the house to match the tulips? They could have planted yellow tulips!

  28. Steve a wonderful tour!! I love wisteria and your neighbors magenta door is beautiful!!

    Art by Karena

  29. Don't you just love spring. The wisteria are stunning as well as all the beautiful homes in your photo tour. I keep asking my husband to take a day off so we can go into Cambridge and poke around. Oh, I love the purple door and the way it looks with the falling purple wisteria. I bet he/she planned it that way.

  30. That is the most amazing wisteria on the most charming home. Love your walk! Spring has sprung in your neighborhood.

  31. Beautiful!!! Love the purple door and love Julia!
    happy weekend to you!

  32. Wow ! Thanks so much for the beautiful photos - what a joy to wake up to that beauty every morning....Thanks again for going to the trouble of going back to get them, and then sharing !!

  33. Is there such a thing as wisteria envy? They're quite a statement and they need very strong support, but when they bloom they're oh so worth it. And things seems to be blooming every 24 hours these days. When I noticed my old-fashioned lilacs bloomed seemingly overnight, it was already raining. What a crazy spring this has been, but all gardeners are grateful for the rain today. I'm watching for what's going to pop next! Thanks so much for a glance at the well-groomed gardens of Cambridge.

  34. Hi, Steve - Thanks for the neighborhood walkabout. You live in a truly beautiful city!

  35. That purple wisteria with the purple door is stunning! Thanks for sharing! Missi

  36. The trees in our back yard when from little leafy buds on Tuesday to full leaves today. Gorgeous... My Life in France is pretty much my favorite books. I will need to visit that house!!
    PS: I have dogs, and never let them do their thing willy-nilly. It enrages me when I find that people have let their animals into my front garden bed. What are they thinking?

  37. I fell in love with the east coast when I was 14 and visited Cambridge with my family. I love the houses, the beautiful landscape and green highways. Thank you for taking us on a tour of the magical neighborhood!

  38. Thanks so much, Steve, for the fabulous pictures. That wisteria is gorgeous and the neighborhood has so many charming houses. Wouldn't it have been lovely to live across the street from the inimitable Julia Child.
    Have a wonderful day.

  39. The wisteria are gorgeous, but I love the tulips.
    So far the only thing blooming in northern MN are a handful of dandelions. :/
    In honor of Earth Day, I wrote a piece on tolerating them.. but
    I can't wait til we have real blooms.
    What an amazing neighborhood to take a walk in! (but seriously, what have they done to that Greek Revival-turned-Fortress?)
    Keep up your great work.

  40. Great photos - do take more walks! I love that they painted their front door purple to match the wisteria!

  41. Every one of your images could be framed and sold. Sooo beautiful. That wisteria is breathtaking.

  42. this architecture buff really enjoyed your stroll, thanks for taking us along

  43. Wish it was scratch and sniff too! The first door is the perfect pairing w/the wisteria.

  44. Such gorgeous homes! Good job on the photos. And that Wisteria is fantastic. I loved the border of white Tulips, too. Don't you love Spring?

    In case you don't see my answer to your comment on my blog - it was funny that you said Equisetum looked prehistoric, because it IS. It may very well HAVE been dinosaur grass!

  45. Thank you for the wisteria walk. They have been especially lush here this spring--except mine. It's old (perhaps as "old" as the house which is around 65). It's gnarly. It would climb over the house if left uncontrolled. And it has never, ever bloomed! Not one blossom in the 16 years we've lived here. Oh well, at least it shades the porch in the summer.

  46. Beautiful homes and flowers/vines/bushes! Thanks for taking us on a tour :-D

  47. Thanks for the return shots. Gorgeous. I'm afraid if you plant a low hedge of boxwoods to protect your hydrangeas from dogs, they will just pee on the boxwoods.

  48. Boxwood is probably not a good idea either because of the salt on the sidewalk. I wonder if privet would be a better choice.

    I'm trying to avoid fencing it in but people just don't respect it.

  49. Such beautiful wisteria Steve. An idea for your cottage perhaps ...?
    The 'big house' that neighbours our property has a wonderful wisteria that tumbles over our high brick & flint wall in the early summer. Wonderful!


  50. Glad you made it back--I meant to let you know the wisteria was in bloom! Next walk, wrap around from Irving to Francis for another street of fantastic houses. There's a dead-end with some good gardens, too.

  51. Gorgeous flowers! You live in such a beautiful area.

  52. As e e cummings said,

    i thank You God for most this amazing
    day; for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
    and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
    which is natural which is infinite which is yes

  53. Hello Steve

    Thank you for taking a walk and sharing this spectacular image.
    I planted wistaria and waited and waited but it did not bloom. I found I was in a zone which was just too cold.

    It is a pity the blooming time is short for wistaria.


  54. I'm not much of a purple person, but how striking is that door against the wisteria.

    I never know how to feel about that stuff, is it a horrid house eating weed or just plain gorgeous and robust?

  55. I adore wisteria, and that example is absolutely stunning. What a wonderful walk and such charming houses - I think that I am going to steal the white tulip idea for next year, so thank you for the inspiration!

  56. Good God....I love spring in all of its glory! There is a trail near my home where I walk my dogs everyday. Wisteria all over the place! Wish I could dig it up and take home:)

  57. You live in such a beautiful place. How wonderful to be able to walk and see all that beauty.
    I planted Wisteria last year and I'm hoping it survives in the shade of the Weeping Willow.
    On my walks, I NEVER let my dogs pee on anyone's flowers or shrubs. But other people still let their dogs pee on mine. :(
    I run the sprinkler in the area alot, in hopes of diluting the urine.
    I actually find cigarette butts all the time in my flower bed that borders the sidewalk. I used to have a birdbath out there and someone tossed their empty pack into it. Grrrrr...
    Love Julia Child's kitchen! Very functional and down to earth.

  58. If you don't like what dog pee does to your hydrangeas, then you won't like what dog pee does to boxwoods either. Why not plant a dwarf prickly holly. It sure solved that problem for us.

  59. Steve... sharing this stroll with you was just the tonic I needed today! Thank you for sharing with us your keen eye and desire to capture in photographs the beauty around you. You have made my day... the purple wisteria and the purple front door! Absolutely gorgeous!

  60. Pollock and Rothko-two of my FAVES-in the same photo...the mind boggles.
    Big Rothko showing in Portland in May-can't wait to go.

    The wisteria and that purple door-amazing. My BFF lives in a cottage in Austin TX that is white with black trim and has a lavender door, and heaps of purple flowers in the garden-too cute.

    We are off to stucco our knee wall, fence and haul a load or six of rock for the back yard landscaping-fun fun fun!

    How's your bedroom coming along?
    I sure they are many of us waiting to see the final reveal!

    BTW, Love the painting on the NE blog by Sky Powers. Just her name alone is amazing, LOL. (Kudos to her parents)

  61. You just made my day. Thank you :]

  62. I'm glad I'm not the only wisteria chaser! There are 3 houses in 3 different towns that I always have to visit during the fleeting wisteria season.

  63. Thanks for bringing me on the beautiful walk with you! Such scenery!

  64. I really will not be satisfied until I capture your walk in my illustrations....seriously. jaw is ajar and my eyes feel like they have just bugged right out....
    What a walk.....

  65. I thought I'd commented on this but looking through...I see I didn't. That is such a beautiful display of Wisteria. I've noticed that all the Wisteria I see online blooms before it gets leaves. Mine sprouts leaves and then blooms....must be a different sort.

  66. Thanks so much for the beautiful tour. I also love wisteria! Beautiful photos!

  67. Was the home w the underground parking a TOH episode? Seem to remember something like that!