Monday, August 15, 2011

Mary McDonald's Stuff

I was reading an interview of Mary McDonald by Raina Cox on Curbed National and learned that Mary was selling stuff from her own collection on One King's Lane.  On Million Dollar Decorators we saw Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and Kathryn Ireland go on shopping trips to London and Morocco to make selections for their own One King's Lane sale, but how fun that this selection of items comes from her own collection of furnishings.

Here are some my own picks from her sale:

Federal chest, $1389

Pair of tufted armchairs, $2749

Sleigh bed, $1499

19th C. whitewashed prayer chair, $979

19th Century American Walnut Occasional Table. $299

Many of the items are from her warehouse.  They may be items that were purchased for a client and just didn't work or plans were changed.  Others were from Mary's own home.

The leopard sofa seen in the lead photo...

...seen here in Mary's own library was for sale.

I love the collection of engravings on the leopard print wall.  Notice how the leopard print on the chair is perfectly aligned with the print on the wall.  It's almost invisible!

Even Mary's own drapes from the library were for sale for $399.

Detail of leopard drapes.

If you could have the drapes, what would you do with them?

Hang them as is?

Make a dress?

Upholster a chair?

Make a bunch of pillows and sell them on etsy?

They're tacky.  Throw them away?

Roll on them naked?

Let me know your ideas!!

The sale runs until Tuesday at 8:00 a.m.  Get your own piece of Mary McDonald while you can.


  1. And what are you going to purchase? I have yet to watch Million Dollar Decorators. Should I?

  2. I'm not sure......totally seeing this fabric on a magnificent ottoman/pouf but I'm gonna let my inner Elvis out and make them into a sheet set with a faux fur duvet.

  3. you mentioned two of the things I would do with them! hhmmmm

    I'll take the white tufted chairs though....on discount day!

    fun post! I didn't even notice the leopard chair against the wall...that's how much designer sense I have. :)

  4. Blossom's bed looks just like the drapes!

  5. Deb, It's a great show about American excess.
    D.B., Love the Elvis idea!
    Sarah, Don't make me guess!

  6. Shelley,
    So you'd hang the drapes in Blossom's bedroom?

  7. Blossom has a bedroom?

    GG would hide my espresso beans if I even brought them in the house.

    Though a few pillows on the day bed would be killer.

    xo Jane

  8. Ok, I'll admit it. I would love to hang them in a library in the fabulous one I have decorated in my mind but do not own! I think she is brilliant. Fun to read this!

  9. Carol, Yes! That dark paneled room with a persian carpet and leather furniture. Perfect.

  10. I think Duke (20 lbs. of terror) would like a dog bed made out of the drapes . . . me, well, if they were real or faux fur I'd consider rolling on them naked! LOL!!!

  11. I had a good peruse of her items when I got the email and saw several things I loved. There is a particular look she does that I quite like. Didn't you love her light fixtures from the show?...I did. Wow. I neglected to notice these were her own things...I never would have taken me (or you) for a Mary McDonald fan, but I was smitten with her. Her more than her rooms actually. I thought she was delightful...I love a woman with wit and a mean streak.

    xo T.

  12. OKL does not ship to Canada. I have written them about 10 times to complain. I may have to get you to be my dealer for a small commission.

    xo T.

  13. i don't watch tv.

    but i like wrapping myself in drapes.

    i like the white chairs on casters.

    i like mary mcdonald.

  14. As Oscar Wilde said on his deathbed "either those drapes go or I will".

  15. I'm thinking the panels are 3 widths each at probably 8' long....that's over 19 yds of leopard fabric-probably high end-works out to be about $21 per yard. That would make a hell of a lot of pillows and dog beds....for my Etsy shop!!

  16. Regarding everything above the couch, yes, yes, yes, and yes. The couch and below? No, no, no. I hope no one ever holds me too it, but I don't do animal prints. It's one of my decorating rules.

  17. Shelley...I didn't know that Oscar Wilde said that?

    I do know that he said, "I find it harder and harder every day to live up to my blue china."

    Incidentally, so do I.


  18. Lavender...I believe there are many reports of witticisms attributed to Oscar on his deathbed...but I love this one..and your quote is delicious!

  19. If I had the leopard drapes, I would have them made into a bed of Chinoiserie design for my cat. If I could, I would also like what looks like black Damask fabric on her library pillows and have that used on the bed, as well. ;)

    My personal taste is simpler than my cat’s; I like the white chairs.

  20. Depending on how much fabric is in the drapes, I'd upholster a little slipper chair I have...that just happens to need new fabric :-) And if anything was left over, I'd make some throw pillows...or maybe cover a bench seat.

  21. I read that post yesterday! I'll take the tufted chairs, since the drapes are already sold;)
    I think Mary is a her!

  22. I saw the sale and promptly logged in to OKL at the start of the accessories sale but everything I might have considered was instantly in another member's cart. I had to leave so I couldn't wait until they came back up for sale when people don't actually purchase after 10 minutes. Agggh, there was so much!

  23. At a coffee shop in town, there was an old sofa with wood trim upholstered in cheetah print fabric. I thought it was so beautiful. The owners reupholstered it in red plush and it's dull and ordinary now. I wouldn't mind having a cheetah-print chair.

  24. Quite interesting! I had never heard of a prayer chair, but I can see how it would have been used. - Lana

  25. Sorry not doing it for me, although love the furniture especially the Sleigh bed so I am going to have to say tacky x

    p.s. thanks Steve for the mention to Stylesson..Marcy featured my kitchen today, put a big smile on my face x

  26. I need you to be more specific about the rolling naked that alone or with someone? Since I consider leopard as a neutral I normally would hang them, but those are kinda I vote for rolling naked...sounds like a lot more fun!

  27. I'd totally sew undergarments for all the Mennonites around here. I hear they have on homemade ones ;) (but I'm not going to check)

  28. Cave girl outfit.