Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Being a Tour Guide

My tour guide duties are finally over.  It's always fun to have old friends visit.  This particular friend is an abstract photographer and after seeing my shots from Parsons Beach a few weeks ago, he wanted to go back.

Here are a few of my photos from that gray, chilly (48 degrees) day in Maine.

I've never seen yellow lichen before.

This is a D'Anjou pear espalier in bud.  Want one.

...and another in full bloom at Snug Harbor Farm.

I love the Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells and will do a post on it sometime soon.

On the home front, I'm sort of relieved to have further renovations on hold.  It will give me the opportunity to find a few special or unique fixtures for the kitchen and bathrooms without the pressure of NEEDING to find something under the pressure of a deadline.

I do love this old sink and I would SO love to put this in my kitchen.  I see a bank of four windows side by side above it.  At eight feet long, though, I'd have to give up a lot of countertop AND the dishwasher.  But with four faucets, do I really need a dishwasher?  Each dinner guest could wash their own dishes!  It would be part of the experience of dinner at the Urban Cottage.   
Whatta ya think?


  1. Hi, I love this sink, have seen them in Country Living U.S....even googled trying to find one...you know for the future. It is rather long though..would be great in a utility room if you had a lot of small children. Perhaps you could find a single or even a double?? Robx

  2. Well...when I come to visit I had hoped you would have a dishwasher, but if you don't I'll be happy enough to use that sink...it's a great idea, but might just be a tad overscaled for the kitchen...


  3. Truthfully I don't mind washing dishes, so I'll come for dinner anytime! LOL!!

    Your photos are just stunning! We escape to Maine every chance we get! We just love it there!


  4. I love that sink. I would put that in my mud room, except I don;t have one. I would also use in a bathroom. My dinner guests though may think it a urinal at the end of the night.

  5. How tiny is your print....is this on purpose?

    Beautiful pictures, especially that pear.

    Oh to have time and money I guess...

    Apparently many bloggers will be coming for dinner. We still get the guest room?

    xo jane

  6. Hello:
    The Maine coastline from what we see in your photographs and in images on other blogs looks to be absolutely wonderful. Such vast expanses of sea, sky and green spaces without, seemingly, hordes of tourists. Exactly our idea of heaven.

    Your house renovation project is indeed a labour of love as we read from previous posts. But, although an enormous amount of hard work, how exciting it all is and we are sure that the end result will be stunning.

    As for the sink, ideal for a utility room and so stylish!

  7. Raz, OMG!

    Jane, I switched my blog template last Friday trying to get my photos larger and totally messed everything up. I can make the font bigger if you're having trouble.

    J&L, probably not so peaceful in the summer but off season, you can share the beach with few. Heaven indeed!

  8. Steve i can always put on my glasses.. we can't even change the header on mine, the picture keeps coming up too BIG. Your header is a thing of beauty.

  9. First, GORGEOUS pictures. I particularly like the one with the shot of green reflected in the water.

    Second, you need that sink.

  10. The font is small and my eyes are not what they used to be. The sink is stupendous. That Snug Harbour Farm is calling me. I'm off to check google maps.

  11. First off, lucky guest to spend time with you being toured around!! Secondly, I would wash dishes if you cooked. Thirdly, great photos. Anjou pear tree! I am SMITTEN - isn't nature amazing? P.S. Your "in bud" photo reminded me that when I was a little girl, I used to pick those pre-flowers from apple and cherry trees that looked like little bouquets...even then I was mad for pretty...

    Great pics!

    xo Terri

  12. Ok, I think that sink is a little extreme even for you! I do like the idea of all the windows over it. Actually, my Mom has a sink like this in her basement - only one faucet not quite this big but it is big. It used to b the sink in her kitchen when the house was built....it was changed out probably in the 50's.

    I've thought about it....but I'd have to rip out my counters and everything....

  13. Hey Steve: To be your guest, in your beautiful home..I would gladly wash everybody's plates... Love the sink!! Ellen

  14. Having been a nurse for many years, that sink looks like a surgical scrub sink from an operating room. Might be a bit much for a kitchen, I think it would take away from the room, but it might be nice in a potting shed or barn, or perhaps repurposed as a planter?

  15. that sink takes me back to st philomena c.1966. i want to go touring somewhere right now.

  16. I'll cook AND do the dishes...

  17. A house that I remodeled and rent out for a very high figure has a new occupant. The house has two bathrooms and each has a very expensive unique sink, one is glass and one is polished steel. After signing his contract my present tenant ( who makes $12,500 a month according to the credit report) asked me how to clean the upstairs sink. I looked at him, thought for a moment and said, "Don't use it, don't use the downstairs sink either, just go outside and hose yourself off".

    Your imagined invitation to your guests to wash their own dishes as part of the experience of being your guest made me think of the above.

    My thought on your sink is that anytime you go too far you violate good taste, and if you are anything Mr. Cottage, you are a man of good taste.

    Good luck. Ann

  18. Hi Steve, Loving that blossom, and great sink although maybe a tad long :) but if you have the kitchen ...and yeah, great way of getting help with washin-up
    p.s. yes we call it Queen Annes Lace and Cowparsley here :) x

  19. Ann,

    Thanks for giving me an update on your project. I saw them pump cement over the top of a house on This Old House. Your project sounds like a headache to execute but perhaps it will be heaven to enjoy.

    So you immediately picked up on my tongue-in-cheek 4-guest kitchen sink. I just dream about the place it would work.

  20. That sink is a lot of fun. Can I bring my dish soap as well? Palmolive - it's gentle on the hands.

  21. I'll get the soap. I'll have four kinds. One for each faucet.

  22. I think the sink is a bit big, but would love to do dishes with pals. Have you thought about having a custom cutting board make to cover half of the sink when you arent using that half, that way you could still have counter space. I also agree with the other reader this would be awesome in a potting shed

  23. I have five small children and dream of a sink like that in their bathroom. It reminds me of the ones in the dorm of the nunnery near where I grew up.

  24. Lol on that sink!! I wouldn't come to dinner,though. I'd rather do laundry than wash dishes!! But I do them when I have to, or if faced with four faucets and a soap-holding host! Your Maine photos are beautiful!

  25. Please please please buy the sink! I'm sure you'll think of a solution for it!

  26. D'Anjou pear tree, please.

    And please don't make me wash dishes. ;-)

  27. Ugh! That sink is SICK! Oh the stuff I would clean inside of you sink...oh yeah. I love that you are going to sit back and find col fixtures, how exciting. Maybe you will find the coolest thing ever! Vintage! Deal! Oh the possibilities.